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    Personal documents

    Check all documents before your trip, all personal information must be correct. Also note that your passport must be neat (no stains, pictures of your children), otherwise it will be unusable. Take your passport and valuables with you and do not leave them in the hotel room or elsewhere.

    Copies of the documents 

    Make several copies of all necessary documents before departure, one for yourself and one for friends or relatives in case of loss of documents. You can also make copies of scanned documents and save them in your email box.

    Important telephone numbers

    Save or write all important telephone numbers (hotel number, embassy of your country, your bank, insurance company and e.t.c.)


    Exchange some money for the local currency of the country, in advance. Also you need cash, because not all places accept credit cards. 


    Take in account culture and weather of new country before packing a suitcase (for examples, do not wear short skirt in The United Arab Emirates). Your provocative or bright look can attract thieves.

    The culture of the country

    Be attentive and respectful to culture and rules of foreign country. It is very important for comfort of your journey and even for your safety. 

    As you see, there are a lot of things you need to take into account to organise your journey in the best way. Surf the internet (forums, special sites, social pages) to learn more about your new country and whole journey.