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  • How not to lose your baggage. Advices

    Put all expensive and value items in your carry on baggage. Thanks that a lot of companies allow to carry a quite heavy hand baggage, so you can take on board all your notebooks, phones, tablets, money and other things. 

    2. Check all locks, fasteners and the wheels of the suitcase before departure. Perhaps something went wrong in a previous trip and need to fix some detail. 

    3. Do not forget to make a list of your belongings which you put in bag. Because if something will be stolen you must know what it was.

    4. To identify your baggage you can stick a bright inscription on a suitcase with your name, phone number, city and country. With the loss of luggage it can greatly accelerate the search for it.

    5. Pack the luggage in a Plastic Wrap. If you do not want to spend the money at the airport, you can pack baggage at home. Those who do not wrap bag, are victims of airport theft in the first place, in spite of the locks and codes. Also, the Plastic Wrap protect the bag from dirt and dust.

    6. Always check the arrival point of your baggage.

    7. Do not forget to get the stubs, which specified a unique bar code UPC.

    8. And the basic rule you need to know - do not leave the airport in case if you can't find your baggage.