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    Ukrzaliznitsa provides various services to enhance your comfort during your trip. There are different services in each train and the necessary information should be specified by the conductor or the train's head.

    When you buy a ticket, you will be offered bedclothes. If you pay for this service, it will be indicated on the ticket. You can take your bedclothes from the conductor. You can not buy bedclothes during the trip, do this in advance. If you don't have bedclothes, some conductors will not allow you to use a blanket and a mattress.

    Passengers traveling in wagons with sleeping places can use hot water for free and in unlimited quantities. You have to pay for tea or coffee. With drinks, you can also buy a snack.  If you feel bad, you can use a free first aid kit in the car.

    In dining cars you will find full-fledged dinners. You can also buy food in packages and snacks.

    In some trains, the compartment is divided into "male" and "female".

    Ukrzaliznytsya offers its clients VIP-trips — you choose the route and the duration of your trip in a comfortable car.