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  • Advantages of an electronic railway ticket

    Electronic ticket — a document that gives a passenger the right to travel by rail. This ticket is similar to what you buy at the ticket office, but it is much more convenient:

    1. The passenger reduces the time of purchase of the travel document to a minimum — no longer have to stand a long queue.

    2. You can buy a ticket at any time.

    3. Information about the trip is stored electronically: it will secure the ticket against losses and damages.

    4. The ability to choose the right places for yourself.

    5. It is allowed to buy a ticket for another person, if he does not have the opportunity to do it himself, the main thing is to know the exact data about him.

    Important information! After the payment of the order to your mailbox, which was specified at the time of booking, you'll receive a letter with a ticket in the .pdf format. After that, print the file or save it on the mobile device to show it to the conductor during the landing.