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  • The numbering of the places

    The numbering of cars always goes in order, starts either from the head or from the tail of the train. Recall that the head of the train is a locomotive. So if you have the first car and numbered from the head, you need to go to the beginning of the platform where the train stops. When the numbering starts, the announcer will tell you when the train arrives.

    And now let's deal with the places in the carriage. In general, a reserved seat and compartment carriage odd places - the lower shelves, even - upper.

    Let's start with a common car (a reserved seat). There is usually 81 place in it. On the lower shelves in these cars sit three people.

    There are 9 open compartments in the couchette car. The numbering of the compartment places starts with the compartment of the conductor, the sides begin with the 37th place, and the counting starts from the toilet. That is, in the first compartment there will be seats 1-4 and side 53, 54. In the third and sixth compartments, there is an emergency exit, so the windows do not open. Take into account this nuance, if you travel in the summer. Let us remind you that the most inappropriate places are 33-38, which are located near the toilet.

    Coupe-type cars are equipped with nine closed compartments. Also, as in a reserved car, coupe #3 and #6 have an emergency exit. In this car, the most unloved places are 33-36, compartment #9.

    Sleeping cars have only lower shelves, so they have only 18 seats.