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  • Rules for carrying hand luggage

    You can bring 36 kg of luggage with you without any extra charge. All that weighs from 36 to 50 kg must be paid for. To excess weight of things, you need to make out a baggage receipt. If you want to carry more than 50 kg of hand luggage, you will have to buy one more seat in the car. In the additional ticket in the "name/surname" columns "hand baggage of 50 kg" is entered. The maximum weight of hand luggage that a passenger can carry is 150 kg. But then you have to buy two additional tickets and place a baggage receipt for each seat. In these tickets on one form in the columns "name/surname" is indicated "hand luggage 150 kg".

    Apart from things in hand luggage, you can transport

    1. One cage with indoor birds.
    2. A handbag, a briefcase or a diplomat.
    3. The camera.
    4. Skis, fishing rods.
    5. Equipment, if the sum of dimensions is not more than 200 cm.
    6. Buggy or wheelchair.
    7. One dismantled and packed bicycle.

    Do not carry with you in hand luggage

    1. Weapons, explosive, easily-, self-inflammable substances.
    2. Poisons, alcohol, infectious and radioactive substances.
    3. Items that can damage the property of other passengers.

    What to do with hand luggage at the train station

    At the station, you can hand over the carry-on baggage, if its weight does not exceed 50 kg, to the baggage room. Things are given only in the package - in a suitcase, backpack, bag, etc.

    Not accepted for storage

    1. Animals and birds.
    2. Flammable, poisonous, radioactive substances.
    3. Valuable things and money.
    4. Items that can spoil the property of other passengers.
    If you lose a token from the storage room, you will have to pay its value, and things will be given after their inventory and upon presentation of the passport.
    Things in the storage chambers can be no more than two days, after which they are sent to the general warehouse of the station. If it is possible to establish the owner of the forgotten baggage, he will be sent a letter about the whereabouts of his missing. If within 30 days you do not come for things, they will be handed over to the sales warehouse.