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    Refund request

    To get a refund for a ticket you paid, but didn't use, you need to contact our client support. Our managers will acquaint you with fare application rules and refund amount. After your confirmation for all conditions, you will get  a «Confirmation form» via e-mail. It must be filled out according to the example and sent to support@tripway.com.

    After ticket canselation (in 15 minutes after receiving the «Confirmation form») we will send application for refund where you should write your credit card details. If you payed for your ticket using credit card, money will be transfered to this card. In application for refund you should write your method of payment.

    Attention! Refund can be made only after reciving confirmation form and application for refund filled by all rules.

    Refund makes after reporting period with the airlines. Reporting period with the airlines in each week of the month (1-7, 8-15, 16-23, 24-31). So when airline will transfer us money for your ticket, we will transfer them to you immediately.

    All tickets on Tripway.com without comission and hidden fees, because of that, we take service fee - 50% of refund for each passanger. In case of Involuntary refund, service fee doesn't apply.