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    Refund policy

    Refund can be made for several reasons:

    1. Voluntary refund

    Voluntary refund is possible in case when passenger completely refuses to fly. An application for refund will be sent a client by e-mail. Pay your attention! Application for refund must be filled out only by person who was a payer when the ticket was booked. In the other way, we don't have legal rights for refund. Our manager will make all needed operations with your ticket after receiving your application. In case of Voluntary Refund our company takes 50% of refund for each passenger.

    2.  Involuntary refund

    Involuntary refund is possible in case if passenger does not agree with changes that airline have made in purchased ticket. Generally, airlines allow refund but not in every situation. Despite of this our managers will always give you all possible alternatives to resolve situation in the best way. In case of involuntary refund passenger does not pay cancellation fees. Сommission and Tripway service fee are not refundable.

    3. Rerfund in case of visa refusal

    Refund can be made In case of visa refusal but not always, depend on situation and airline. For full refund, passenger must provide document that confirms visa refusal and all documents that were sent to the embassy earlier. After these the airline company will take the final decision.

    4. Refund in case of death of Passenger’s family member

    In this case, airline requests a certificate that confirms death and document that confirms family ties.