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    Name and/or surname changes 

    Can I change passengers in my ticket?

    All changes (name, surname) in ticket are forbidden. In case if passenger can't use an air ticket, he should make a refund or ticket exchange and pay all fees according to the fare rules.

    Name and surname mistakes 

    Usually you can make up to 3 mistakes in your name or surname, but they must not change their meaning or pronunciation. If you notice these kind of mistakes or gender mistake (MR, MRS) in your booking, you should contact us. Our manager will notify your airline company about it. You won’t get another ticket with correct information but airline company will be warned about mistakes in your ticket.

    What if I mixed up name and surname in my booking

    In the airport airline will be looking for you by a surname. It will be a quite difficult to find you If you mixed up name and surname. In this situation you should take printed e-ticket to the airport and warn about mistake on check-in desk.