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    Electronic ticket - advantages

    The electronic ticket or e-ticket is an electronic document, confirming an agreement of air transportation between the passenger and the airline company.

    You need only your ID (passport) to check-in for a flight. Information about your e-ticket have already stored in the airline's database.

    Despite of this we recommend to print an itinerary receipt (you will receive it via email after payment) and take with you on a board.

    Electronic ticket advantages:

    - you save your time, purchasing tickets via the internet. Our service is available round the clock and 7 days a week and you can book your flight from any country of the world;

    - you can compare different prices and choose the lowest;

    - you can't lose your ticket or left at home, airline company has all information about your flight in its database;

    - you can purchase tickets for your friends and relatives at any time you need;

    - use your credit card to pay for the tickets, it is always fast and easy.

    Attention! Take your print itinerary receipt on board, it will be a proof that you have a return ticket (it is very important condition for some countries).