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    Carriage of baggage. General rules

    Conditions of carriage of baggage depends on class you fly, airline company and your itinerary.

    Each airline company has its own rules for chacked baggage.

    Limits of free checked baggage:

    - 20 kg - economy class;

    - 30 kg- business class;

    - 40 kg - first class.


    Some airline companies do not include baggage in ticket price. If you want to take checked baggage you need to pay for it a certain cost which can be different depend on airline company.

    What you can take on board:

    - one photo/video-camera;

    - cell phones, no more than two;

    - notebooks, computers, no more than two, flesh-cards, no more than three;

    - calculators, electronic books, no more than two.

    More information on airlines websites.

    Passengers can also take these things for free (not included in check baggage limits):

    - coat, cloak or plaid;

    - umbrella or stick;

    - a handbag, a folder for papers;

    - food for the child;

    - travel cradle;

    - a wheelchair for a disabled person;

    - publications for reading in flight.

    Prohibited for carriage:

    - Rocket launcher, guns;

    - Sharps;

    - Liquid exceeds the allowed amount;

    - Gas cartridges;

    - Electroshock, except for medical resuscitation equipment;

    - Electron-beam weapons;

    - Explosives, flammable liquids;

    - Toxic and radioactive substances.

    Contact us if you need more details.