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    Meals on board 

    Meals on board can be ordered in advance or during a flight. But it is always better to make an order before your flight because in that case you will be sure that your special meal will be available.

    Special meals that you can order on flights:

     AVML   Asian Vegetarian Meal

     BBML   Infant / Baby Meal

     BLML   Bland Meal

     CHML   Child Meal

     DBML   Diabetic Meal

     FPML   Fruit Platter

     GFML   Gluten-Free Meal

     HFML   High Fibre Meal

     HNML   Hindu Meal

     KSML   Kosher Meal

     LCML   Low Calorie Meal

     LFML   Low Cholesterol

     LPML   Low Protein Meal

     LSML   Low Sodium, No Salt Added

     MOML   Moslem Meal

     NLML   Non-Lactose Meal

     ORML   Oriental Meal

     PRML   Low Purin Meal

     RVML   Raw Vegetarian Meal

     SFML   Sea Food Meal

     SPML   Special Meal, specify food

     VGML   Vegetarian Meal (Non-Dairy)      

     VLML   Vegetarian Meal (Lacto-Ovo)