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    Air travel etiquette

    Airlines around the world ask their passengers to adhere to the airplane etiquette rules.

    You can always read the rules on the official website of the carrier.

    Airplane etiquette rules include:

    - do not litter on board;

    - respect the flight attendants and the surrounding passengers;

    - familiarize with safety rules on board;

    - follow the instructions of flight crew and does not interfere with their work.

    Jokes about bombs at the airport and on a plane are forbidden. In case if your joke will disturb someone, you can be arrested or unscheduled landing can be made for searching the entire ship for explosives. To the same effects can cause drunkenness, refusal to comply with requests for flight attendants to fasten the belt, property damage, and etc.

    In this regard, we ask our passengers to adhere to the basic ethics rules, ranging from delays on the flight and ending with the behavior on the board.