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    For lovers of virgin forests, mountains and crystal clear lakes we represent the most popular route Stockholm — Oslo. Visiting these cities, you will visit the real northern countries, with doll houses, around which stretch fabulous forests of tales of elves, gnomes and other characters.

    Oslo is the largest city in indescribably beautiful Norway, which is located on the shores of the fjord, around which are mighty rocks, hills and forests. The main attraction of this city is a large-scale market square or as it was called earlier "the area of ​​Christiania". In addition, in the center of the city is the famous palace, the construction of which began in the eighteenth century and lasted for more than a decade. In the palace there are one hundred and seventy-three rooms, the decoration in which is made of real gold. What is noteworthy is that such a castle continues its active activity in the present times, that's why tourists often can see the change of guard. The local heritage, the fortress of Akerhus, which was built in the fourteenth century and to this day has a state purpose, will struck by its greatness. For lovers of the "beautiful" in Oslo is a large number of national museums, theaters, galleries, as well as the "Nobel Peace Center." It's in this hall that the annual award of the famous Alfred Nobel Prize takes place.

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    The distance is 415.97 km.

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