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    You have seen enough of the beautiful architecture of Riga and walked up the capital of Latvia enough? You can continue your holiday in Cyprus in the beautiful city of Larnaca. It is the third largest city of the island and it is full of historical sites. And, of course, this is Cyprus which means sandy beaches and warm sea are provided for you. Many people go there with family and young children due to the fact that the sea is quite shallow and the prices are relatively low.

    You can purchase flights to Larnaca from Riga via our company. Thus, within a few hours, you will be able to enjoy the warm sea and sandy Cyprus beaches and look at the ancient landmarks of Larnaca, including the Church of St. Lazarus which was built in the IX century, Larnaca Castle and Archaeological Museum. Also, low prices in hotels will allow you to stay in this city longer.

    Buy air tickets Riga - Larnaca in our company - it's a great way to save time and money. Our staff will kindly provide you with any information about the closest and other flights from Riga to Larnaca, which are optimally suited for you. You will pick the most comfortable seats, and you do not even notice few hours of flight.

    Distance: 2552,25 km.


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