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    If you are a fan of a truly hot climate that does not exist in Madrid, then you need to travel to one of the hottest cities in the Arab Emirates. Not for nothing in recent years, flights from Madrid to Dubai have become so frequent. Upon arrival, you will have an opportunity to appreciate the historical areas in which there is a famous sculpture called "Together" and the world's largest aquarium. Traveling around the city will not be difficult since the bus network is well developed.

    In addition to the listed attractions, tourists are attracted by buildings that you will not find in Madrid. The most luxurious hotel in the world called Burj al Arab is built in the form of a sail, which earned such popularity. The building of the twins, whose size exceeds any structure in the Middle East in Europe, attracts special attention of tourists.

    As for food, this city has the opportunity to try manakish — it is melted cheese, with olives wrapped in lavash. Basically, any food is served with bread, and you will not find pork at all because it is not used because of religious beliefs. Mammals, goat meat or poultry are considered to be popular kinds of meat.

    If you want to visit this city, you can buy or book flights to Dubai without leaving the home. It is enough to go to our site and make a purchase. Booking online will save you time, money and energy, which you can spend on travel and purchase of souvenirs.

    The distance is 5654,47 km.

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