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    The capitals of two European countries London and Helsinki today are one of the most visited places in Europe. Prim London, with its architectural masterpieces and unchanging monarchic traditions and the capital of northern Finland, the country where Santa Claus lives, attracts millions of travelers from all over the world with its mysterious beauty.

    You can get to the Finnish capital today by various transport, including ferry services, but it is the easiest and quickest way to take advantage of affordable flights with most major airports. Arriving in Helsinki, go to the Senate Square, see the cathedral Lutheran Cathedral and the colossal monument to the All-Russian Emperor Alexander II. In addition to architectural attractions, visit the city's old cafes and restaurants, authentic cooking will be the most memorable experience.

    Today it's enough to have access to the worldwide Internet to buy air tickets to Helsinki. Our simple and intuitive web portal allows you to quickly and inexpensively book a suitable flight in any direction, according to your requirements and the specified search parameters.

    The distance is 1821.25 km.

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