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    The capital of Estonia can be reached by ferry from Helsinki. But there is a more efficient way - flights to Tallinn with our company. Buying tickets at our website you save not only time but also money. That is why if you are in hurry or you feel like you don’t want to wait in line for the ferry, and then please contact us - we guarantee the best places and comfortable flight.

    Tallinn is the largest city of Estonia and its political, cultural and business center. It is not surprising that most people who go there from Helsinki and other cities do that because of business matters. However, by saving time with air travel from our company you will be able to see the sights of the city, go to a museum to look at the Old Town.

    There are a lot of excellent hotels which attract the flow of tourists, so there is no question "where to stay?" Is not usually the case. Our staff will provide you with any information on the route Helsinki – Tallinn including the timetable and addresses of the city's best hotels.

    Arrange time of your business trip wisely - buy tickets from Helsinki to Tallinn with our company and enjoy a visit to the Estonian capital.

    Distance: 81,92 km.


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