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    If you intend to spend your vacation interesting and unusual, then fly from Frankfurt to Rio de Janeiro. At first glance this city doesn't differ from German but having visited all the sights, it will immediately become clear that these countries are very different. Thanks to the normal traffic junction, you can visit in one day a large number of interesting places that surprise tourists with their appearance.

    If we are talking about Rio de Janeiro, then many travelers represent the Christ the Redeemer's monument and this is not at all surprising since this statue is a visiting card of the city. The size of the monument reaches a height of thirty-eight meters and it stands on Corcovado Mountain, which is entirely made of granite. Its fame is due to the monument, as almost every year 2 million tourists climb to the foot. There is also the amazing botanical garden, where the most amazing and beautiful flowers and trees grow. Having visited all the interesting corners of the city, you can also take a stroll in the forest of Tizhuk. It is considered urban, and its area is thirty-two kilometers.

    For sure, every traveler wanted at least once in his life to buy air tickets in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, not everyone can become their owner and that is why our website works, where you can easily choose the flight for the desired date. To make an order it is enough to enter your details and pay by bank card. This system saves time and effort, which can be spent on the journey itself.

    The distance is 9586.48 km.

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