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    Beijing is the incredibly vibrant city, where Chinese traditions and modern achievements of science and technology are connected together. China's capital is famous worldwide for its cuisine and historic monuments. But if you have already visited this unusual and distinctive city, tasted the famous Peking duck and went to the Peking Opera, it is recommended to take tickets Beijing - Amsterdam in our company and go to one of the most liberal cities in Europe.

    Amsterdam is a popular tourist town for years by far. The typical cute Dutch streets, the famous red light district De Wallen and the famous Amsterdam coffee shops, magnificent architecture, preserved since the Middle Ages ... This and much more attracts tourists from around the world to Amsterdam.

    Buying airline tickets to Amsterdam through our company you get a great opportunity to see the world and don’t lose valuable time and money. Our staff will inform you about all the flights from Beijing to Amsterdam and will help you choose a comfortable place. You will be able to relax during the flight and after ten o'clock will arrive at the most famous city of the Netherlands. Let’s go on an unforgettable journey with us.

    Distance: 430,03 km.


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