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    Riga — online booking air tickets on Tripway.com

    Riga is the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic states. The peculiarity of this European city is that here both cultural and natural beauty combines together.

    If you do not know yet what to do in Riga be sure to start with a walk through the area with a tempting name of "Old Town". Gothic buildings will take you to a few centuries back. Here you will find the famous House of the Blackheads, Cat House, Powder Tower, as well as streets, hotels, and restaurants, familiar to many by the scenes of the movie "17 Moments of Spring."

    On the other riverside of Daugvy, you will find many architectural, artistic, military, historical museums. Fans of vintage cars are highly recommended to visit the museum of old cars. The highest TV tower in the European Union is also in Riga, you will be able to appreciate all the beauty of this city from a viewing platform at a height of 368 meters. You also cannot ignore the huge indoor shopping mall; here you will be able to buy souvenirs for all tastes.

    To visit the heart of the Baltic region we advise you to book cheap flights to Riga on the official website of our company.


    Climate in Riga

    Type of climate is the moderate sea. Winter in Riga is quite mild, snowy, with frequent thaws. The average temperature is -3°C. There are brief frosts down till -20°C. Seasons clearly defined, but with soft transitions. Summer is warm, humid and sunny. Due to the proximity of the Baltic Sea extreme heat is not observed. The average temperature in July (the hottest month) is +19°C.

    Winter time: UTC + 2

    Summer time: UTC + 3

    Dialing code: +371 (2)

    Prices in Riga

    Riga is a very beautiful city, so it is worth going around on foot, despite the fact that the ticket for public transport is only about a dollar. Take a cappuccino for two dollars and slowly enjoy the incredible architecture of the Old City.

    Restaurant 6,42 $
    Cappuccino 2,32 $
    Water (0.33 ml) 0,66 $
    Bread 0,8 $
    Transport ticket 1,23 $
    Taxi (1 km) 0,39 $

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