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    Prague — online booking air tickets on Tripway.com

    Prague is a major tourist destination in Europe. Several million people annually visit the capital of the Czech Republic.

    One of the most important sights of Prague is the area called Old City, particularly its Jewish ghetto. Local houses will surprise you with its ancient architectural style; it might feel that it brings you into the past. Here, even the tower of the town hall of the Jewish cemetery near the Old clocks shows the countdown going in the opposite direction. This district of Prague is considered one of the most expensive in Europe.

    Among other attractions of Prague is certainly worth a visit to the central Wenceslas Square, the oldest Charles Bridge over the Vltava river. Also worth seeing with your own eyes the unique monument of architecture - the Dancing House. Another attraction is the huge Prague Metronome about Chekhov bridge. In addition, in the Czech capital, there are many museums, churches, monasteries, and cathedrals.

    Prague attracts travelers from around the world for its memorable places, perfectly preserved since the Middle Ages. If you want a memorable trip to the Czech capital, we recommend you to book flights to Prague on our website.


    Climate in Prague

    Type of climate is moderately continental. Winter in Prague is quite soft, without extreme frosts. The average temperature is - 5°C. It is rather rainy than snowy. In the summer the weather is hot, + 25°C is the average temperature in July. Spring begins at the end of February, the average temperature is + 10°C - 15°C. Fall also has the warm weather, but the rains begin to appear more often.

    Winter time: UTC + 1

    Summer time: UTC + 2

    Dialing code: +420 (2)

    Prices in Prague

    Prague is in the heart of Europe, probably, therefore, so heartily receives guests. Dinner at a small restaurant will cost a little more than five dollars. And all you need is a dollar to get there by public transport.

    Restaurant 5,13 $
    Cappuccino 1,78 $
    Water (0.33 ml)​ 0,84 $
    Bread 0,85 $
    Transport ticket 0,95 $
    Taxi (1 km) 0,99 $

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