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    London — online booking air tickets on Tripway.com

    London is a mix of architectural styles, where you will see both historical and modern landmark building. This city has absorbed particles from many cultures and religions, that helps it to lure travelers from around the world.

    For those who want to find out what to see in London, there are a lot of galleries and museums. Perhaps the main symbol of the UK is Big Ben, all clocks in town are reconciled by it from the mid-19th century.

    Besides the fact that London is the largest city in the European Union, it has another record. The largest Ferris wheel in the 135 meters in height is located here and it is a great opportunity to explore the city with a bird's eye view. Very popular among tourists is the political center of London - Westminster Abbey and the world famous Piccadilly.

    Every day the city opens its doors to the millions of tourists from around the world. If you want to be one of them, we suggest you book your flights to London on our website.


    Climate in London

    Type of climate is moderate, maritime. Winter is usually cool, it has brief frosts. Below is -7°C temperature does not drop. The coldest month is January. The average summer temperature is +22,5°C. If you love the heat, then go to London in July, the temperature will be as high as its possible. In addition, characterized by frequent precipitation in the form of rain, the weather is often cloudy.

    Winter time: UTC + 0

    Summer time: UTC + 1

    Dialling code: +44 (207)

    Prices in London

    In the UK capital, it is better to eat at home. A loaf of bread and a bottle of water cost a little more than a dollar. And walk on foot, because for the trip you will have to pay from three dollars.

    Restaurant 18,24 $
    Cappuccino 3,19 $
    Water (0.33 ml)​ 1,18 $
    Bread 1,22 $
    Transport ticket 3,04 $
    Taxi (1 km) 4,62 $