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    Istanbul — online booking air tickets on Tripway.com

    Istanbul is the cultural and economic center and the largest city of Turkey.

    Istanbul is the former capital of several empires, so before the eyes of tourists represented a mix of cultures from around the world. In the first place in Istanbul, you have to visit the city mosque, the entrance to any of them absolutely free. They are located at every corner: the modest and small as well as luxury with magnificent minarets, such as the world famous Blue Mosque.

    There are many museums, castles, and palaces in Istanbul. It is also one of the notable features of Istanbul is that it is divided into two parts, the Bosphorus, where from the ships you can enjoy all the beauty of the city. Lovers of recreational water treatment will discover the thermal springs of Yalova. In the evening on the main square of Sultanahmet traditional performances are waiting for you with the Turkish national dances.

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    Climate in Istanbul

    Type of climate is subtropical. In winter the average temperature is between +3°C and +9°C. In December and January falls the heaviest precipitation, humidity is also very high. Most often it rains and there is sleet. Summer in Istanbul is relatively hot; the average temperature is +19°C till +28°C. The air is still damp, but has little rainfall. The water warms up till +20°C.

    Winter time: UTC + 2

    Summer time: UTC + 3

    Dialling code: +90 (212)

    Prices in Istanbul

    Istanbul is disgusted in everything, here even the prices are fine small. A bottle of water can be bought for 30 cents, and a cup of cappuccino — for two dollars.

    Restaurant 5,35 $
    Cappuccino 2,06 $
    Water (0.33 ml)​ 0,27 $
    Bread 0,45 $
    Transport ticket 0,65 $
    Taxi (1 km) 0,56 $