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    Dublin — online booking air tickets on Tripway.com

    Dublin is the capital of Ireland. It is situated on the banks of the River Liffey, where it connects to the Irish Sea.

    Do not worry about where to go in Dublin, just go to the bridge with the nickname Ha'Penny. Bridge for pedestrians, thrown across the river, found its name due to the fact that initially to go from one side of the Liffey to the other it was necessary to pay a fee in the amount of half a penny. Another monument is the Dublin Castle, built on the orders of John Lackland in the early 13th century for the purpose of defense. This is a typical building of the Norman time with round towers at the corners and a central square surrounded by walls.

    The beautiful city has given the world many of the winners of the prize. Alfred Nobel in literature, such as Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, and William Butler Yeats. Also striking talent conquered readers by the "father" of Count Dracula Bram Stoker, a man who painted "Portrait of Dorian Gray" Oscar Wilde, and satirist who spoke about "Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift.

    Order flights to Dublin in 5 minutes on our website and go to Ireland to search a leprechaun, who will share the gold and four-leaf clover as a symbol of good luck.


    Climate in Dublin

    Type of climate is temperate maritime. Winter in the city is soft, the temperature throughout the season is +4°C - + 6°C. Precipitation is moderate, annual rainfall is 755 mm on average. June and July are the sunniest months. Summer temperature rises till +15°C - + 20°C.

    Winter time: UTC + 0

    Daylight Saving Time: UTC + 1

    Dialing code: +353 (1)

    Prices in Dublin

    For a trip to Dublin, it's better to borrow a bag of gold from leprechauns. The ticket for public transport costs from two dollars, and a small bottle of water - one and a half dollars.

    Restaurant 15,8 $
    Cappuccino 3,03 $
    Water (0.33 ml)​ 1,4 $
    Bread 1,35 $
    Transport ticket 2,13 $
    Taxi (1 km) 1,28 $

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