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    Airline El Al Israeli Airlines is Israel's national airline, headquartered in Tel Aviv. There is also a special department of El Al Cargo, the main task of which is the carriage of goods. Officially the airline was registered on 15 November 1948 but it is known that the first flight took a place in September 1948, when the plane went to Geneva for the president with his wife. Then starting from August 1949 began to do regular air flights to Paris, Rome, London.

    An interesting fact is that by making the first nonstop flight from Tel Aviv to New York, on June 15, 1961, a Boeing 707 set the world record. As a result, the plane covered a distance of 9270 km in 9 hours 33 minutes. Another feature of the El Al airline is that on Saturdays flights not carried out.

    El Al is considered one of the safest airlines in the world. For example in each of the plane during the flight at least six security personnel sitting service clothes. It speaks for itself.

    Destinations: Las Vegas, Seattle, Toronto, Brussels, Barcelona, Zurich, Rome, Orlando, Boston, Amsterdam, Miami, Milan, Berlin, San Diego, Baltimore. In Ukraine, the airline operates flights on the route Kiev - Tel Aviv - Kiev.

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    Contact Information:

    Customer Service. P.YA.41 im.Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel 7015001

    Call-tsetr: + 972- (0) -3-977-1060 or * 5666 (24 hours daily)

    Representation of airlines in Ukraine:

    Kyiv, blvd. Lesya Ukrainka, 34, office 504, 5th floor

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri - 9:00 - 18:00, Fri - 9:00 - 16:00, Sat - Sun - closed

    Tel .: + 38- (044) -230-6993

    Fax: + 38- (044) -537-0812

    Email: ua.sales@elal.co.il


    Representation of airlines in Russia:

    Moscow, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya 20, Business Centre NA Kudrinskoy, 2 floor, office 208

    Tel .: +7 (495) 215-24-64

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri - 9: 00-18: 00, Fri - 9: 00-17: 00

    Official website: http://www.flyup.com/, http://www.elal.com/

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