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  • An agreement between the customer and tripway.com

    Ltd. "Online Booking" (tripaway.com) provides the user with following services:

    - Information on flights and available seats;

    -A possibility to compare prices of different air carriers;

    - Booking and purchasing air tickets;

    - Secure payment system.

    Website services are provided to you on condition of acceptance of the contract terms of the offer document and the following notes (next "Contract"). During accessing or using the website in you agree with the conditions described in the Contract.

    Please read the Contract.

    We reserve the right at any time to change or edit the Contract by our sole discretion. We strongly recommend that you periodically review the contents of the Contract. Your further use of this website indicates that you have accepted the changed or edited Contract.

    Any reservation or order that has been done with the help of this service is binding offer by booking an air ticket or a product to which apply present contractual conditions. It should be noted that the company "Online Booking" is only a web applications provider, whose mission - to help with booking. This means that an agreement on the booking ticket(s) is only between the user and the carrier (service provider). The agreement may be considered officially concluded between the user and the airline at the time when the customer receives an e-mail confirmation of the order acceptance. By making and sending order the user acts directly and sends it via a web-based application with personal information to an airline or other service providers. Should be noticed that by providing this information via the website you are automatically allows Ltd. "Online Booking" to collect, process, store personal data and transfer them to a service provider for all of the actions required to process your booking.

    Considering this the user represents guarantees that:

    a) provided information is correct;

    b) credit cards (bank account, WebMoney purse)contain enough money to pay for the order.

    Upon receipt of the order, you receive a message from the airline of a charge fee with the selected method of payment. If you preferable payment method is cash or bank receipt then you have to make a manual payment in accordance with the chosen method.

    All funds received from users do not belong to the Ltd. "Online Booking" (the agent), and are in transition to go further transfer following the terms of contracts concluded between the Agent and Tour Operator. The customer is familiar with the fact that all the fees paid to the Agent for the travel service owned by a tour operator and agent shall remit their tour operator immediately upon receipt. Any claim for refund, (even in a case when the customer has the right for a refund) should be addressed directly to the tour operator or through the Agent. The agent has the right to assist returning of funds, but does not guarantee their return at the end. Return funds of unused (partially used) transport documents for passengers or others custumers may be proceed only by the Agent considering the agreements on transportation issued by the Agent pursuant to Contract. In this case, the fee paid for service charge of Tour Operator and the Agent by the passenger or other person cannot be returned to the passenger in any case. Payment for provided services performed by the transfer of funds to the current account of the Agent in accordance with the exhibiting of the invoice. Services are done after signing the act of executed works (services). In case the User does not sign the certificate of the executed work during 5 days, without providing a reasoned justification - services considered as provided and the act of services signed closed unilaterally.

    For each ticket and the corresponding flight, there is special additional conditions concerning the tariff applicable to the ticket that can be provided. For example, depending on the price and the airline ticket there might be no possibility of cancellation and / or cancellation of the compensation for the costs incurred or involve additional restrictions on the route or refunds.

    The user is personally responsible for compliance with all contractual conditions stipulated by the airline considering the time of registration, confirmation of flights and other issues.

    The remaining aspects of the service, in particular, support services itemized in the regulations.

    Use of the Website

    By using this Website you agree that:

    - You are 18 years old or older;

    - You are a citizen who has full civil rights;

    - Your use of the Website will comply with the terms of the Agreement;

    - The website will be used by you only for booking tickets legitimately, for yourself or the person on whose behalf you have the legal right to act;

    - You are obliged to provide full information on the implementation of reservation person on whose behalf you act;

    - You agree to provide accurate and current information;

    - You will have full access to the account on Tripway.com and take full responsibility for its use by you and third parties.

    - We reserve the right for a refuse any service or access to the website to anyone at our discretion for any reason and at any time.

    Prohibited activities

    All the contents of websites hosted on the information and infrastructure, which is used for the operation of the Website are owned by us, our service providers and providers. You have a possibility to make copies of tourist routes, services and journeys booked through the website, as well as relevant documents, you shall not in any way resell or re-create, copy, modify, create on the basis of this product, distribute, sell not disclose to third parties, do not show, do not give permission, do not to publish the information, services, products or software obtained through the website. You agree that you can not:

    1.Use the contents of the Web site and site itself web site for commercial purposes;

    2. Making a reservation for the purpose of fraud, speculation, or providing false information;

    3. Carry out monitoring, copy the contents of the website and access it using any automated means, crawlers, robots or manual processes with any purpose without our express written permission;

    4. Violate the restriction https-headers to block website to bypass its protection, designed to prevent and restrict access to the Website, as well as perform any other fraudulent activities associated with it;

    5. Taking any actions that may cause undue stress on the Website in our opinion;

    6. Include website or part of it in any way in at another website, including "frame" and "Mirrors", without our written permission.


    Rules and Restrictions of the Supplier

    Applies to all the booking and purchasing of goods or services relating to travel.

    You have to read carefully additional terms and conditions as you agree with them. These terms and conditions of purchase established suppliers whose products or services you purchase. They include, among other things, conditions and time of payment of all amounts, as well as the rules and regulations relating to tariffs, services or goods. You agree to follow these rules and understand that some service providers or activities may require you signing a written waiver before you use their services, or participate in the proposed activities. You realize that breaking the rules and restrictions imposed by the supplier may entail the cancellation of your booking, failure to provide you with goods and services paid for confiscating money book, hold off your total bill covering our losses as a result of your violation.

    Reviews, comments and other posts

    We are opened for any constructive comments about our Web site and its work. Adding content or messages (including questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, reviews of hotels, etc., the "message") to the Website by electronic mail or any other way, you agreeing of the transfer of Tripway.com, its corporate affiliates and subsidiaries (Ltd. "Online Booking") the following rights: a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, sublicensable, transferable right to use, modify, recreate, rework, distribute, translate, publish, publicly display, create derivative works, as well as the product of any other actions on your posts, around the world through any media, present or future. You understand that Tripway.com may by its discretion distribute data about your comments (for example, give your name and city of residence accommodation, a review of which you left on the Web site), as well as to share your message with our partners and suppliers. You understand and agree in full agreement that the messages are not confidential and personal. We do not undertake any obligation about your posts and do not carry responsibility for them. Your comments may be published by us, we have every right to decide by its own discretion what comments can be published on the Website, and what – cannot be. If you do not agree with these terms, do not add leave messages on the Web site and do not send them to us.

    Responsibility for the content of all your messages is your own, especially for your review posted on this Web site. It is forbidden to copy from a Web site and post it:

    1. Any unlawful, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, intimidating, defamatory and any other content that violates any whatsoever laws or regulations of publicity and privacy:

    2. Any advertising or commercial content, including advertisements, raising money, an offer of any products or services;

    3. Any materials that violate someone's copyright, patent rights or trademark rights, as well as any other property rights of third parties.

    You are responsible for harm that may be caused by any of the above violations, restrictions or for other damage that may be caused as a result of your placement of any content on this Website. You are fully aware that Tripway.com can exercise your rights regarding your authorship of content, not letting you know about it. This includes the using, publishing, deleting, materials, etc.

    Terms of payment, refund / cancellation of flight booking

    When choosing a method of payment in cash or by bank receipt, the customer must pay for booking during the day. Unpaid reservations will be canceled by the system automatically. The possibility return and / or exchange tickets for another flight or another date determined by the application of the rules and restrictions of the fare you selected. Rules of application are available to purchase at checkout. Any penalties or fees will not be charged for the cancellation of unpaid reservations. If you choose other payment methods: Privat24, WebMoney, payment by credit card - payments must be made immediately on the official website of the payment system.

    The electronic ticket is issued by employees of the Website after payment is received from the user and according to the schedule of the enterprise.

    The website is not responsible if at the moment of the reservation to the moment of its payment the ticket price changed due to changes in the airline fare. In this case, user must make payment according to the current tariff. In the case of user disagreement - such booking will be canceled.

    Paid reservation is canceled on the following conditions: Passengers who want to cancel their reservation for any reason should contact our customer service Support with a request for the returning of the ticket. Such request for the returning ticket to the date of departure should be sent to e-mail support@tripway.com. In a case of cancelation paid money will returned according to the tariffs of the ticket and the rules of the transport company. Depending on the rules of the ticket fare, the airline may charge a penalty of 20% up to 70% of the ticket price. When making a refund agent is entitled to retain up to 5 USD per passenger processing fee. Some fares do not allow a refund for a ticket, they are the cheapest tariffs: tariffs and preferential limits. The service charge of website canceling previously purchased ticket is not refundable.

    If the user has paid for the ticket payment through the bank, with his cards, WebMoney or via Privat 24 - a refund for an unused ticket is carried out on the card user within 30 days after the date of departure. To do this, you must fill in the Application for a refund and send it to our email support@tripway.com. In this case, the payment system commission is not refundable.

    Please note that according to the rules of some airlines, there are some non-refundable ticket.

    Buying and booking tickets on the Web site Tripway.com available no later than 24 hours prior to flight departure.

    Forced Returns:

    1) In case of changing a date / time of the flight, due to cancellation of the flight booked by the client, the agent sends an e-mail is not less than 72 hours before departure sends an e-mail to a client with specified information about booking a ticket or registering on the site tripway.com asking you to confirm the change of date / flight time or a refund. Received confirmation from the client change the date of flight time or a refund is a letter addressed to the agent by e-mail from an account registered as a customer account when booking a ticket or registering on the website tripway.com. In case the client does not confirm the changes proposed by the airline at least 72 hours before departure, the agent initiates a self-refund airline according to conditions.

    2) In a case of change of airline flight date / time less than 72 hours before departure, due to a cancellation of the flight booked by the client, the agent sends a notification e-mail client with a confirmation change flight date / time or a refund. A letter that has been sent to the agent from registered account of tripaway.com is considered as confirmation of changing a date of flight or refund fee. In a case when a client does not confirm the changes proposed by the airline within one working day from the date of receipt the notification from the agent, but not less than 5 hours before the departure, the agent initiates a self-refund airline according to conditions.

    3) If the airline sends a notification of the cancellation in the period other than to par. 1 and par. 2, the agent sends a mail to the specified by client email at the moment of booking a ticket or registering on the site tripway.com notification asking you to confirm the change of flight date / time or refund, indicating the deadline for confirmation of changes from the client, according to the rules of the airline.

    The grounds for exemption from liability

    Content and software that are posted on this website including any information about products, services, and prices of our suppliers or website may contain any errors or inaccuracies. Tripway.com does not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the information and is not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors relating to goods and services of hotels, road, air, sea and any other travels, information on which is available on this website (including any photos, rates, general product descriptions, lists of hotel facilities and so on). Most of this information we receive from the relevant suppliers and publish in the form in which we received it. In addition to this website, Tripway.com has every right to correct errors, including errors in the prices listed on the website or bookings which have been carried out on the wrong price. In this case, the user can leave reservations in anticipation, with the changing of price or canceling the reservation the penalty is not charged.

    Suppliers who are providing travel or any other services, including hotels and carriers, are not employees of our company and operate independently from us. Tripway.com is not responsible for the actions of suppliers, including errors, guarantees, representations, omissions, violations, negligence and the consequences of such actions, including bodily injury, property damage, death or other loss, damage or adverse consequences as a result of actions of suppliers. Tripway.com also does not indemnify and is not responsible in case of all sorts of cancellations, delays, strikes, over-booking, force majeure and other causes not directly dependent on it and is not responsible for any additional costs, delays, oversights, route changes and the actions of any government or authority.

    Website Tripway.com is not responsible for any direct, incidental, indirect, punitive, special or any other damages and consequences which are in any way connected with your access to this website or which can appear while viewing or using (including software, information, computer viruses, related websites, products, and services obtained through this website, including as a result of unjustified your expectations associated with published on the website of opinions, or any other activities related to access, view or use the website), as well as due to any delay or inability to access, view or use the website, based on the principle of strict liability, negligence, contract or any other way even if the service providers and Tripway.com n are aware of the possibility of such damages.

    In a case when Tripway.com or their respective suppliers in spite of the above rules will be held responsible for damages or any loss related to the situation described above, the responsibility Tripway.com and their suppliers should not exceed a total amount, which the consumer paid for a service Tripway.com, associated with this transaction on the website.

    Links to third party websites

    This website may contain links to various websites that are managed by a third party unrelated to the Tripway.com. Such links are placed only to inform users. We have no way to control the activities of such sites and we are not responsible for their protection of personal information, the contents of the pages, and other components of their activities. You agree to make sure to verify your selected links and software downloaded from this website or other resources for the presence of malicious code, damage, and other damaging investments. If we placed a link in itself, it does not mean that we support contained information on this website and the material that we are in any way connect with the operators of this site.

    Currency Converter

    The exchange rates which are posted on the website are taken from publicly available sources and are only advisory information. These currency exchange rates may not reflect actual exchange rates. Every day exchange rates update. We recommend you to consult with a specialist who can provide more accurate information if you plan to use the data of the currency exchange rates for professional purposes. In addition, we allow the use of these data exclusively for personal purposes, use, resale or distribution of this information for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

    Bank charges and commissions bank cards

    International transactions may take a fee by some banks and bank cards. If you are using a Ukrainian bank card for reservations outside of Ukraine, the bank that issued your card can be automatically converted to the local currency to pay for the booking and retain the fee for the conversion. Thus, in the report on the state of the bank card amount can be specified in local currency, so the figure may differ from the one that was shown on the final page of the booking payment on our website.

    In addition, if you are using a bank card issued by a bank outside of Ukraine, it may also take a fee for international operation. The bank that issued your card, can find booking international travel as a international transaction because Tripway.com sends your money to international travel providers. Fee for international transactions and the exchange rate is determined by your bank on the day the payment is processed. You can contact us for more information about these fees and exchange rates applied to your booking.

    Copyright and trademark mark

    Any content of this website is owned by© 2013 Tripway.com. All rights reserved. The contents of any websites that are not registered under the trademark Ltd. "Online Booking" and do not obey the leadership Tripway.com is not the responsibility of Tripway.com as it belongs to third parties. The site may also be referred to other company names, products and logos are the trademarks of their respective legal owners.

    If you have any information about the illegal use of our brand, please tell us about it by sending an email to support@tripway.com.

    Claims of Copyright Infringement

    If you are absolutely sure that on our Web site has been published an article that violates your copyright, please send us an email in which the following information should be specified:

    1. The exact description of the material protected by copyright that you think has been violated.

    2. In addition to the clear description, you need to provide a link to the original material with considering which, in your opinion, your rights have been violated, so we could post on the website instead of the material that is wrong.

    3. Your contact details, which we can use to contact you to respond to the complaint. It is desirable that these data include the phone number and email address.

    4. Approval under penalty of perjury that the information given in the letter is correct, and that the representative who complains, has the right to act on behalf of the owner of copyright in the material discussed.

    5. The statement under penalty of perjury that the information given in the letter is correct, and that the representative who complains has the right to act on behalf of the owner of copyright in the material discussed.

    6. Personal signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the intellectual property rights, which in your opinion has been violated.

    You can send messages of this kind regarding this website by e-mail support@tripway.com. In addition, you can use this telephone number and postal address indicated below:

    "Online Booking" LLC;

    69002, Ukraine, Zaporozhye,

    Str. Hraznova 45,

    tel. (061) 707-97-65

    All messages that meet the above-mentioned requirements will be reviewed by us and will be answered.


    Before you write us a message and generally participate in the correspondence on this issue, we recommend that you consult with a qualified attorney. We remind you that any losses incurred by you as a result of filing false claims of copyright infringement should be covered by you.

    What information we collect from you

    We receive and store any information you enter on our website or transmit to us any other way. This includes information by which you can be identified ( "personal information"), that is: your name, phone number, postal address and email address, fax number. We do not store any payment information.

    Information from other sources. We may also periodically receive personal and other kinds of information about you from our business partners and other independent outside sources and add this information to your account information.

    Here are some examples of the information that we can obtain: updated address information and delivery, purchase history, demographic information.

    Automatic Information. We automatically collect some information about your computer when you visit this website. For example, we will collect: your IP address, information about your web browser (ie: Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer), and the address of the website from which you linked to us. We also may collect information about your online activity, namely, any trip you've viewed and any reservations made. The goal that we are pursuing, collecting this automatic information is to make your user experience more individual and prevent fraud.

    How do we use your information

    By signing the contract you agree to the processing of personal data (including collection, storage, organize, edit, delete, use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking). The above information about you (personal information) will be processed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On protection of personal data."

    Processing of personal data is also carried out in order to provide access to information and materials contained on Tripway.com.

    The categories of personal data being processed:

    - Full Name;

    - E-mail address;

    - Date of Birth;

    - Sex;

    - Location;

    - Electronic identification data;

    - Electronic data localization;

    - Passport data of passengers;

    - Other data voluntarily provided to the implementation of the owner of the processing target.

    Processing of personal data on the basis of the Civil Code, the Commercial Code of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection", Law of Ukraine "On information" and other legal documents.

    We use other information about you in order to achieve the following general purposes: to provide you with products and services that you have requested; to provide you with travel confirmation and new information; manage your account, including processing bills and providing travel reports; general communication with you; respond to your questions and comments; to determine the interest in our products, services, websites and improve their quality; inform you of special offers and products or services that may be of interest to you; make your experience of using this Website more individual; rewarding you if you decide to take part in any of the programs for the promotion or recognition; ask you to provide information, including the survey method; settlement of disputes, collect fees, or identify problems; prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities; to enforce our Terms of Use; and other objects, you described before for gathering such information.

    With whom we share your information

    This website may share your information with the following organizations:

    - Suppliers, namely airline. On this site, all the services that are provided by third parties are marked as such. We do not share your e-mail address with those suppliers, except when they need you to fill in a travel booking that you did on Tripway.com. We limit the use of this information only for this purpose. We do not put out the limitations on the use of suppliers or other disclosure of your personal information. Therefore, we encourage you to review the privacy policy of any vendor, travel goods which you buy through this website. Please note that these suppliers also may contact you to obtain additional information about you to assist in the implementation of your travel reservation, or respond to a review that you can leave;

    - Independent providers that provide services or act on our behalf, including those who process information from credit cards, business analysts, Customer Service, Marketing, distribution of surveys or lottery programs, and fraud prevention. We may also allow third-party vendors to collect information on our behalf, including, if necessary, operational features of our website, or facilitate the delivery of online advertisements, specially selected to suit your interests. ISVs have access to and can collect only the information needed to perform their functions. They are not allowed to share that information or use it for other purposes. They must adhere to the same data protection rules as we do;

    - Business partners with whom we can jointly offer products and services, or whose products or services may be offered on our website. You can see when an outsider company is connected with the product or service you have requested. In this case, only the name will appear. If you decide to use their services, there is a possibility that we will share information about you, including your personal information, with those partners. Please note that we do not control the data protection practices of these foreign partners who are our business partners;

    - Websites that link to us. If you got to this website from another site (for example, through a link you clicked on another site and it has led you to this website), we can share some information about you on this website, which refers to us. We do not limit the sites that link to us in their use of your confidential information and we recommend that you view the privacy policy of any website that referred you here.

    We may also share your information:

    - In response to a subpoena, court order or other judicial order; to install or to use our legal rights; to protect themselves from illegal requirements; or perform any other action that is required by law. In such cases we reserve the right to put forward any denial in court;

    - When we believe it is appropriate to analyze, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities or actions that are suspected of illegality; to defend and protect the rights, property or safety of our company or this website, our customers; in connection with our Terms of Service and other agreements;

    - In connection with corporate transactions, such as liquidation, merger, consolidation or sale of assets, as well as in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

    In other cases than written above ones, you will be notified as to whether confidential information about you provided to third parties. In this case, you will have a choice that we share or not share your information. We also may share the collected or anonymous information with third parties, including advertisers and investors. For example, we may tell our advertisers the number of visitors that come to our website, or what are the most popular hotels and destinations for travel. This information does not contain any confidential information and is used to develop content and services, which we hope will be interesting for you.

    Cookies and other technologies

    Cookies - small text files with data that can be stored on your hard drive (if your Web browser allows). This website uses cookies for the following general purposes:

    to help us recognize your browser as a previous visitor and save and remember any adjustments that might be made when your browser to visit our site. For example, if you register on our site, we may use cookies to remember your login information so you do not have to log in every time again when you visit our site. We can also register your password in the cookies if you check "Sign me in automatically next time." Please note that the number of the participant ID, passwords or any other data in cookies that relate to your encrypted for security account. If you have not registered, these cookies do not contain confidential information. To help assess and analyze the effectiveness of features and offers website, advertising, and electronic communications.

    In most browsers, using the Help button on the toolbar, you can learn how to configure your browser to not accept new cookies, how to make sure that the browser informs you when it accepts new cookies or how to disable cookies all together. Please note that if you refuse to receive cookies from our website, you will not have access to most of the tools offered by our website.

    How do we protect your information

    In our interests to provide visitors with a sense of security in the organization of travel and use of the website. We do our best to keep the information collected by us. Despite the fact that ensures absolute security is not possible, we use a variety of technical, administrative and physical steps to protect confidential information provided by you. For example, access to such information is obtained only by authorized staff exclusively for business purposes. In addition, the transmission of information between your computer and our system uses data encryption. Our servers are protected by firewalls and other systems that prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.

    Confidentiality in relation to children

    Our website is aimed at a wide audience, it does not provide special services for children. If we are provided with personal information of user of the age less than 13 years, we will use this information only to respond to the child that we need the consent of his parents for the collection and processing of his personal data.

    External links

    Third-party resources which you can go from the pages of our website are not subject to our Privacy Statement. For you to be able to learn about the privacy policies of these sites we recommend that you examine their privacy statements.

    Changes to Privacy Statement

    We can at any time make changes to this Privacy Statement. About these changes, we will notify you by email that will be sent to e-mail address which you have provided us with, or in a prominent statement posted on the website.

    Our contact information

    If regarding this Privacy Statement you have any questions or would like to clarify something on the planned trip or purchase, you can send us an email to support@tripway.com

    With the terms of this agreement is acquainted, I fully agree with them, accept them and undertake to comply with.