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  • Travel Tips: how to travel without mistakes

    What can be more interesting and enthralling than journey? But sometimes, your impressions can be spoiled by a variety of situations. Everyone wants to avoid them, but not everyone knows the main reason. And so, travel tips that will help you not to spoil the impression of your jorney:

    Traveling in peak season

    Each resort has a season, depending on weather, seasons, national holidays and so on. And you should think twice, before spending all your money for crowded beaches, museums and etc. One or two weeks after and before the peak season are the most comfortable and less expensive time for traveling. 

    Searching for air ticket

    One more mistake, which all travelers usually make - purchase the firs flight without comparison. It may happen that direct flight will be much more expensive than Multiple destination flights, so it is always better to compare different servises and variation of your flight. Contact us and we will find you the cheapest itinerary. 

    Hotel cost 

    A lot of tourists prefer travel agency to independent travel planning. Because of that, you pay all additional travel agency fees, instead of save this money for your journey.

    Local transport

    Sometimes it is difficult to find your hotel or something in foreign country. Plan your actions after landing in advance. Find out, whether there are free shuttle buses or any other public transport at the airport. In case if you want to take a taxi, you need to clarify the average cost of travel. Drivers can exceed prices for tourists.

    The lack of bargain

    Many people make the mistake of believing that a bargain in the market, hotels, and other places - it is a sign of bad taste and that the established price will not change. But bargaining is appropriate everywhere and always, especially in the Arab and Asian countries! You can even upgrade your room class in case if the view from your window does not satisfy you.

    Local currency

    It is important to always calculate the rate of local currency against the currency of their country. Money encourage exchange in banks, rather than in airports and hotels, as interest rates there is very high.