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  • How to survive a long time flight 

    Are you feel good after long time flight? Not always? Do not worry, our lifehacks and advices will make your flight much more comfortable.

    Nervuous? Do breathing exercises

    The abundance of oxygen in the lungs makes you feel calm. So, we propose to make a very simple exercises for it. First, take a deep breath. You hold your breath for ten seconds and then exhale the air in small portions. Desirably repeat at least five times. After that you can just make a couple of quick breaths. Just do not stare into the eyes of a neighbor or a flight attendant, they may not understand 

    Drink more water 

    Airline cabin air is very dry. So, if you do not drink enough water, you can have a headache and feel bad. We hope, there is no reason to say that you should avoid the alcohol on board. Vitamin C will also help you with dehydration. 

    Move your legs

    Tense and relax your calves and thighs muscles. Massage the feet. Try to walk around the cabin from time to time.

    Take off your shoes

    In this case, neighbors health depends on the freshness of your socks. But seriously, if you have a narrow, hard or uncomfortable shoes, it can slow down the movement of blood in the blood vessels and cause some discomfort.