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  • How to overcome a fear of flying

    5 useful tips for those who afraid of flying 

    Preparing for a flight

    Spend several days before departure to prepare for your flight. Make list of all your items, do not forget to include some medicine and charges. Pack your baggage according to this list. In that way you certanly take everething you need. After good preparation, everything will be under your control, confidence is very important for you.

    Turn your attention from flight to something else

    Read books, listen to music, watch movie or walk through the airport instead of thinking about your upcoming flight.

    Positive thoughts

    During a flight think only about positive things not about negative feelings. 

    Focusing on other passengers

    Look around, how many people among you and all have their own story. You can take a little part in some. Help old woman with her hand baggage or pregnant woman to take her seat. Be confident
    Smile to your neighbor, start a little conversation. Maybe he will help you with your fear. Feeling that you are not alone will help you to relax.

    Treat yourself

    You have all rights to treat yourself for courage, passion, tenacity and a long-haul flight. So buy something you've wanted for a long time or just want at this very moment. Let yourself buy delicious cake or some luxury drink. Next time you will be associate a flight with pleasant things.