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  • What is QR code

    QR code on the ticket is the coded information about your flight (passenger name, station, time of arrival and departure, number of the car and seats).

    No professional equipment is needed to read the code, so this technology is easy to use. To verify the authenticity of the ticket sufficient to scan the QR-code in which the digital key for protection from scammers is also encrypted. Tickets with QR-code are more reliable and practical. You can print them on any printer. The forgery of these tickets does not make sense because the name is encrypted and without a document, these tickets are not valid.

    What if the QR code is not recognized

    If you damaged the QR-code on the ticket, for example, accidentally spilled water on it or used poor-quality printing services, the conductor can check information about the passenger in another way. He will check the ticket number in the "Ukrzaliznytsya" database by entering a 16-digit code. But do not panic ahead of time: QR-code technology allows to recover information that was encrypted if its loss is even 30%.