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  • How to make changes to the paid ticket

    You can not make changes to the paid ticket if you need to change:

    1. Name and surname of the passenger.

    2. The point of departure.

    3. Date, train number.

    In that case, return the ticket and buy a new one.

    Re-issue the ticket can be in a car of another category or replace seats. Such an operation is carried out only if there are vacant seats.

    The passenger will have to pay extra if the cost of the new ticket is more. Also, the difference between tickets will be refunded if the reissued travel document becomes cheaper. A commission is charged for the re-registration service.

    The passenger has the right to make changes in the route of his journey. If you need to start a trip not from the departure station, but from the intermediate on the way, inform the railway station employee about this maximum for 1 hour before the departure of the train from the initial station.

    Provided that your end station remains unchanged, you can select a different route after stopping.

    If you need to continue traveling after your station, you can do it if there are available seats. For additional travel, it will be necessary to pay extra.

    Another possibility is "stop with the prolongation of the validity of the ticket". You can go to any intermediate station and then continue your journey. For this it is necessary, after disembarking from the train, to approach the station attendant, so that he places a special mark. You can continue your journey no later than 10 days.