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    Date/route change requests

    Voluntary changes

    If your plans have changed and you need another itinerary or dates, first of all you need to contact our client support. Usually all changes in tickets are available with penalties. It can be from 50 usd to 150 eur plus price difference between new and old ticket. Make your changes as soon as you can, in that case price difference may not apply.

    The Tripway company takes a service fee, 495 uah for making changes in your ticket. If you agree with all penalties and conditions, application for changes will be sent to your e-mail. Your new tickets will be sent via e-mail during 30 minutes after you send us a filled application.

    Involuntary changes

    Our managers contact you if airline will make any changes to your ticket.

    1) Passanger's confirmation letter that was sent to support@tripway.com gives us all rights to confirm changes.

    If we don't receive a confirmation letter from passenger, tripway company have legal right to make refund.

    2) If changes were made less than 72 hours to departure, our manager will send you a confirmation or refund request via e-mail.

    In case if changes don't confirm during one day after sending confirmation or refund request and less than 5 hours to departure, tripway company have legal right to make refund.

    3) In the other cases we send a confirmation or refund request and set a deadline for response.

    If we don't get a response in specified dates we also have right for refund.