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    Passengers with special needs

    All airlines provide services for passengers with special needs, some of them are free of charge and some are not. Contact your airline or travel agency to get full information in advance.

    Carriage of passengers with the wheelchair.

    The wheelchair can be provided by airline In the wide-body aircraft like a Boeing 767. To order this service you need to send a request for 72 hours before departure. If you have your own wheelchair then you have to warn airline about it also before your flight.

    The wheelchair will be passed to the airline staff and be returned to you after landing.

    The passenger may ask for another wheelchair to navigate through the airport.

    Your wheelchair will be carried in the luggage compartment so you need to specify its dimensions and weight.

    Passengers with visual/hearing/speech problems.

    If the passenger has visual/hearing/speech problems, he/she must warn airline about it. In this case the airline will provide special comfort for passenger and give some instruction about the behavior on board.

    If you are accompanied by an authorized person or relative you also need to warn about it before departure. Flight attendants will try to accommodate you next to your helper.

    Blind passengers can also take an assistance dog into the cabin of the aircraft.

    Pay attention! This information is universally accepted, however, we recommend to contact our client support or your airline for additional consultation.