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    Flights with kids

    Child fares are available for passengers of these age groups.

    - up to 2 years of age - infant 

    - from 2 to 12 years of age - children

    Usually, price for air ticket for infant it is 10 percent of full ticket cost, an individual seat is not available in this case. If parent flies with two infants (no more than two for one adult) it is necessarily to have individual seat for the second one (children fare will be applied).


    - we don't recommend to fly with child up to 3 year;

    - you can take all needed things for your child but no more than 5 kg in total weight, bottle with liquid must not contain more than 100 ml; 

    - on board of some airline companies you can find baby kits which can contain toys, pencils, books and etc;

    - do not forget about such an important moment as a medicine chest.