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    Carry-on baggage

    For security reasons, carry-on baggage must not contains containers with liquids more than 100 ml each.  Liquids means not only water and perfumes but also shampoos, toothpaste, cream and other cosmetics. Containers with Liquids that exceed the limit of 100 ml, will be destroyed without saying a word. 

    Here is a list of items that you can’t take on board in your carry-on baggage when you fly with Lufthansa airline company.

    - Briefcases and bags with built-in alarm;
    - Explosives, fireworks, flares;
    - Pressurized containers and aerosols (self-defense sprays, travel gas cylinders);
    - Tanks containing flammable liquids, such as liquid for refilling lighters, paint, varnish, cleaning agents;
    - Flammable materials (eg, matches);
    - Substances that emit flammable gas on contact with water;
    - Oxidizing agents, such as bleaching powder, peroxide;
    - Toxic substances such as mercury, as well as containers - with a viral or bacterial cultures;
    - Radioactive materials and objects;
    - Corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis, wet cell batteries on;
    - Materials with strong magnetic properties;
    - Any equipment and tools, comprising even the minimum amount of fuel;
    - Electroshock weapons.

    Each airline company has its own list and limits for the carry-on luggage.

    The most discussed issues still stay:

    - How much alcohol can you take in carry-on baggage and checked baggage?
    - Why only duty-free alcohol can be taken on board in carry-on baggage?
    - Can you take a notebook and other electronic things in your carry-on baggage?

    Contact your airline company or our Client Support before your trip to clarify these and similar questions.