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    The territorial proximity of Ukraine and Poland allows you to use land or rail transport for Warsaw trips to Lviv and back. The most comfortable option is still air travel which with the help of our company will become for you even cheaper and more convenient. Please contact our staff for more information and buy tickets to Lviv worry-free.

    What is so attractive in Lviv? Firstly, it is a city with a strikingly beautiful architecture that combines tradition and modern trends. Secondly, it is the greatest cultural center of western Ukraine, which has the largest number of monuments in the whole of Ukraine. The city has a long and interesting history as evidenced by its picturesque cobbled streets and grand old cathedrals.

    In Lviv, intellectuals loved to settle there including many famous writers, artists, and architects. Not surprisingly that there you can visit many museums and the Philharmonic, as well as admire the architecture of different eras. And of course, you will not be indifferent to the local cuisine.

    If you are interested in direction Warsaw - Lviv, then please contact us and we will suggest you tickets at the best price.

    Distance: 337,77 km.

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