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    To date, going on a trip from Tallinn to Brussels will be very simple and fast with the help of an air flight. We will help you find the right air ticket.

    The capital has a lot of attractions. The Grand Palace Square is famous for its grandeur. It consists of several compositions: the House of the Butcher, the Painter, the Town Hall and the House of the King. In August, a huge carpet is created from different flowers of begonias on the square, which amazes with its beauty. Atomium is an original building, similar to atoms, in which there are mini copies of popular European structures. St. Michael's Cathedral will bewitch you with its stained-glass windows, sculptures and ancient icons.

    The Arc de Triomphe will meet you at the entrance to the Jubilee Park. You can here not only relax, admiring the nature, but also to visit museums. The Royal Palace Laken with greenhouses will show you oriental motifs, the Japanese Tower, and the Chinese Pavilion.

    Returning home, do not forget to buy Brussels chocolate, because he is one of the best in the world. You will get unforgettable emotions, get acquainted with the new architecture. Flights to Brussels can be ordered on our website, filling only a couple of points and familiarized with the flight schedule.

    The distance is 1599,48 km.

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