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    Fans of historical centers of the world should definitely go from Stockholm to St. Petersburg. This is an opportunity to touch the "beautiful", plunge into the romantic era of kings and fairy tales.

    St. Petersburg is the historical center of Russia, which is located on numerous swamps. Peter, as it is commonly called, is considered the cultural capital of the state. Here live artists, actors, directors and other representatives of the bohemian society. Such a choice they did not in vain, because the atmosphere of St. Petersburg fascinates, inspires creativity and the creation of masterpieces of art. In the city, there are numerous palaces, monuments with centuries-old history, museums, theaters, opera, the famous Astoria hotel where the symbol of the epoch Sergei Yesenin was killed, and the Neva, which enveloped the whole city, creates a special romantic mood. Also, a special attraction is drawbridges, which have already connected more than one heart due to their "untimely" divergence. The apartments and live concerts of legendary performers are also part of Peter's modern life.

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    The distance is 690.88 km.

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