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    Stockholm — Moscow is a favorite route for many tourists who are looking for something unusual on the journey, they want to touch the ancient history of the city and see its originality.

    Moscow is a popular city for a weekend, although of course, this city cannot be avoided in a few days and have time to enjoy the interweaving of antiquity and the most modern technologies. Every tourist is simply obliged to visit the famous Red Square, take a picture near the Kremlin, take a stroll through the Old and New Arbat and of course sit with a glass of wine on the numerous sightseeing areas of the city. Evening Moscow will smite you with its lights, continuous movement and internationality. This city never sleeps, so at any time of day or day of the week, every tourist will find entertainment for himself in the spirit. In the afternoon, many famous museums and theaters are open, and in the evening various shows of the program will surprise with their originality and variety.

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    The distance is 1227.32 km.

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