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    For those who have already visited Europe more than once and again going on a trip, we recommend this time to choose the route Rome — Brussels. During it, you will see how different cities can be, which shares only a two-hour flight.

    The capital of the Roman Empire and present-day Italy will amaze your imagination with the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain, numerous basilicas, and churches. And one of the classical wonders of the world — the Colosseum! During a break between excursions, go to one of the restaurants and try a real Italian pizza or pasta. When everything is seen and eaten, without stopping, fly from Rome to Brussels, continuing the marathon of impressions.

    In the new city you will feel the contrast in everything - here everything is not so ancient, among the sights, there are many modern places. For example, Royal Greenhouses, Center for Fine Arts, comic center, Atomium. Be sure to try and buy a present Belgian chocolate and waffles.

    You can buy tickets to Brussels at the airport or in advance via the Internet on our website. However, if the flight is organized by different airlines, and you do not know which one to prefer, you can call our company.

    The distance is 1174.29 km.

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