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  • Flights Oslo — Kiev

    The city of Oslo itself is a landmark, here at every step you can admire the various details, houses, streets, corners, nature, architectural monuments or people who are distinguished by hospitality. Traveling from Oslo to Kiev is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with completely different countries.

    Kiev is the capital of a young and independent state of Ukraine, although the city itself is one of the oldest in Eastern Europe. There are many monuments of architecture, to their rulers and their deeds. Each of them tried to leave a trace not only in history but also in a beautiful city. Ukraine is a religious country, this is what determines that in almost every city you can meet unsurpassed in its beauty temples, cathedrals, churches from different materials and with their own characteristics. So, for example, in one of the cities of Ukraine for more than one century, there is a church of wood, which is built without a single nail. But Kiev can boast of real architecture wonders, such as the St. Sophia Cathedral, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which is not equal in the whole world, Andreevsky Descent, where the Bulgakov Museum, a house with chimeras, as well as botanical gardens, water parks, a zoo, dolphinarium or arch of friendship of peoples.

    This list can be endlessly long, but it will be best to book flights to Kiev and see everything with your own eyes. Sit on the banks of the great Dnieper, try the magnificent Ukrainian cuisine and get acquainted with the unique culture.

    The distance is 1626.81 km.

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