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    Flights from Madrid to Lisbon have become frequent, as having learned the burning sun in Spain, tourists want to relax in a city with a mild climate. Beautiful historical sites, museums, theaters, and castles enable travelers to discover the culture and past of Portugal.

    You can also look at the national entertainment, such as bullfighting, which is very different from the Spanish bullfighting. In this country, the animal is not killed but pacified by professionals without weapons. One of the most interesting institutions is the Maritime Museum. It contains such historical things that you will not see in Madrid. For example, navigation devices, maps of past centuries, portraits of outstanding admirals and models of ships.

    You will also be pleased with the National Archaeological Museum, which presents such finds as dishes made of ceramics, half-ruined sculptures depicting gods and warriors, mosaic and elements of things made of glass. In memory of the country and the city, there is an opportunity to purchase a handmade souvenir.

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    The distance is: 503.09 km.

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