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    If you have already seen all the historical places in Spain, and you decided to visit a quiet and calm India, then you need to fly from Madrid to Delhi. This country is immersed in religion and therefore you can be surprised by the structures that are built to serve the God. For example, Laxminarayan Temple and Akshardham are the most popular place of indigenous people.

    You can move around the capital of India by bus or metro. Also, if you want, you can order a taxi that will take you to any point in Delhi in a matter of minutes. You have the opportunity to go to a popular game of cricket, in the city, there are several equipped stadiums.

    The minaret is one of the main attractions. This tower, from which all believers call for prayer, which according to the rules is always built next to the mosque or in it. Previously, such buildings had a spiral staircase from the outside, and now it is built inside. Do not forget about the iron column, which became famous for being 1600 years old, avoided corrosion.

    To purchase air tickets to Delhi, you need to go to our website and make a purchase. You can do this at any time convenient for you. This method is very convenient because it saves your nerves and time. It is better to concentrate all your strength on packing suitcases.

    The distance is 7273.06 km.

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