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    Vacation in Croatia with the subsequent transfer to Turkey is quite popular among the population of the whole world. These countries are not so far away, therefore, by ordering tickets from Istanbul to Zagreb, you can spend a wonderful weekend.

    Montenegro is a popular destination for summer holidays, booking tickets in Zagreb is not difficult, and pricing policy is quite democratic. Although this city is a near abroad, it can still surprise you with its development, a look at life, culinary delights, architecture and sunny beaches. The population in Zagreb is very hospitable to visitors, there are a lot of cozy restaurants, hotels, hostels and other benefits of high comfort. Croatia has historical treasures, monuments, and museums. There are several districts in the capital, one of which is especially popular with tourists — the Gornji Grad. This place is preserved a medieval romantic atmosphere of the city thanks to the architectural structures of that time.

    Rest in Montenegro is available to most tourists due to the ease of issuing visas, the democratic prices and the order of air tickets to Zagreb. But it's best to book in advance because this is the most popular route.

    The distance is 1176.32 km.

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