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    In many cities of different countries, a heavy industry is flourishing, which pollutes the air and does not give a full breath to the population. As for the capital of Switzerland, due to the absence of such enterprises, the overall ecological state is at the highest level. Therefore, in order to become healthier and to visit interesting places, many tourists fly from Frankfurt to Stockholm much more often than to other countries.

    Thanks to the fact that this city is the capital, the culture developed actively in it, and a large number of cultural institutions serve as evidence of this. To better know the history, you will need to visit museums, which are more than eighty in the city. The most famous of them is the National Museum of Switzerland, which contains a large number of art objects, among which are sixteen thousand paintings and thirty thousand handmade products. A great role in raising the culture played by famous people: Karl Larsson, Alexander Roslin, whose works adorn the walls of this huge museum.

    Sometimes you can't buy tickets to Stockholm because of a large number of people who are waiting at the ticket office. To facilitate the purchase, you can use our website, where you have the opportunity to determine the date, flight, and level of the class.

    The distance is 1186,75 km.

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