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    Ukrainian culture is very different from German culture. Any holidays are held according to a special ceremony, making people really have fun and rejoice. Kyiv is the heart of Ukraine. When you are visiting this beautiful city, you can immediately understand what these benevolent people live by. Therefore, it is not surprising that flights from Frankfurt to Kyiv are so popular.

    In the big city there are many different sights that are worth visiting, and thanks to an excellent transport interchange it will not be very difficult. First of all, it is best to visit churches and cathedrals, whose walls are decorated with images of saints. It will not be superfluous to go to museums that store ancient weapons made of different kinds of metal, ornaments, old books. The monument to the founders of Kyiv is one of the irrefutable symbols of the city. It depicts Khoryv, Kiy, Shchek, and Lybid's sisters. It is impossible to resist the national cuisine of Ukraine. In restaurants, served with a borscht sour cream and garlic pampushky.

    You can book flights to Kyiv on our website, where you only need to specify the date, flight, and level of the class. Such a system allows tourists to save time and effort. When registering at the airport, you need to give your number, check in your luggage and enjoy a comfortable trip.

    The distance is 1546.85 km.

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