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    Plunge into history and enjoy the wonderful architecture you can in the capital of Belgium. In the city, there are a lot of unusual architecture, with which the cities of Germany cannot be compared. To assess the advantages of each country, it's enough to fly from Frankfurt to Brussels. Having seen the whole city, you probably will not want to part with it, and therefore, don't forget to throw a coin in the nearest fountain.

    The heart and soul of Brussels are the Grand Palace and the Grote-Market, whose length is about one hundred and ten meters, and the width is sixty-eight. This building is surrounded by other houses of the seventeenth century, each of which has its own name. There is a town hall made in the Gothic style on the square. It was built in several stages by famous architects. Don't forget about the museums, where old coins, weapons, preserved items and ceramic ware are kept. In the galleries, you can make pictures of the paintings that most came to the liking of the traveler.

    Don't puzzle over how to buy a ticket to Brussels. It's enough to go to our site and book it for the date you selected. It's also possible to specify the flight at the most convenient time for you. You can pay with a bank card. Such a system is very convenient for those who cannot allocate time for standing in lines to the cashier or for those who by all thoughts already on the journey and don't want to waste time.

    The distance is 317.06 km.

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