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    Visiting Tel Aviv is a duty of any person who is interested in the culture of the Middle East. Despite the fact that this city is founded only in the early 20th century, there are still a lot of ancient monuments of the ancient city of Jaffa.

    If you are coming for the first time in Israel and you have no idea what to do in Tel Aviv, we recommend that the first thing to do is to get acquainted with the Mediterranean beaches. Fans of all kinds of rarities also will not be bored. In Tel Aviv, there are several interesting museums, among which the largest art museum of Israel, dedicated to the fine arts, and Eretz Israel Museum.

    Meanwhile, Tel Aviv is quite dynamic city with a lot of ultra-modern skyscrapers and beautiful parks such as the Azrieli, Building-pagoda. A bright and colorful nightlife can compete with European and Western metropolises. Another major feature of Tel Aviv is the fact that it is home to a lot of Russian-speaking population.

    Those who wishing to visit Israel, we recommend you to use the online service of our website for booking tickets to Tel Aviv.

    Climate in Tel Aviv

    Type of climate is Mediterranean. 300 days a year are sunny and hot weather in Tel Aviv. Winter is warm and rainy. + 13°C is minimum temperature in the coldest month of the year (January). Summer is long, hot, with high humidity (80%). The warmest month is August. The average temperature in the summer is +27°C, often it goes up and stays at around +30%. In spring and autumn it is+ 25°C. The best time to travel - September and October. The Velvet season begins in this period.

    Winter time: UTC + 2

    Summer time: UTC + 3

    Dialing code: +972 (3)

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    Airport in Tel Aviv

    Ben Gurion


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