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    Every year New York is visited by millions of travelers, it is considered as the most attractive tourist city in the US. First of all visit to America will open a new world with a variety of attractions that suit all tastes.

    Newly arrived tourists who still do not know what to do in New York are recommended to visit the city's main attractions: the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Manhattan skyscraper Empire State Building. In addition, the New York set of artistic, historical and scientific museums. A famous events and performances in the Broadway theaters are able to make an impression on any visitor.

    Despite the fact that New York is one of the largest metropolitan areas, there was a place for nature. The island of Manhattan is certainly worth a visit to Central Park. Here your gaze appears the most beautiful landscapes, familiar to you by dozens of movies, TV series and all kinds of shows. Also, one of the most recognizable foreigners New York attractions is the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

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    Climate in New York

    Type of climate is subtropical, oceanic. The average winter temperature is between -2°C and +5°C. In summer it is from +19°C till + 28°C. Precipitation is the same throughout the year. In autumn and winter climate is quite mild and pleasant. The temperature fluctuates from +7°C till + 18°C. In the fall strong winds are possible.

    Winter time: UTC -5

    Summer time: UTC -4

    Dialing code: +1 (212)